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samsung , CES keynote 2020

samsung introduces their new product ballie 

once again samsung introduces their new product ballie robot in ces keynote 2020 samsung has give a demo of ballie robot at there live event 

Ballie is an smart robot in a ball shape with camera and loaded with AI technology  samsung designed this device like ball , it can connect with all your samsung smart devices ,it's only for smart homes . 
feature of ballie's are , it has a high resolution camera that record your videos , connect with your smart devices . there is a processor which made of AI technology  

body and design of ballie 
Samsung Ballie
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it has a round shape body like a ball , which can walk in your home , may be it availabe in different colours in future , on the top there is a camera and some indicating led lights . 
it runs with the help of a motor which is fix on it . very portable and samll design  you can use it anywhere , all over desing is very futuristic .

basically ballie is an  security robot ,it can send  message  , it also act like a fitness assistant , it can make a video call , even it can get to clean  a house by connecting your smart cleaner , it works like a alarm as well as a guard .It monitor whole house . this is future 

This can prove to be a good product in the future

Cons of ballie robot 

it can walk only on flat surface not on rough surface 
the build is not very good 

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